Thinking 2 much? Get a dog!

You know when you are thinking too much when you don't produce anything.
And you know that you are thinking less than you should when you produce a lot and don't have the time to think.
For a few weeks now I have been buzy as crazy with Witty Education ( and Affiliatemarketingconference ( and now I finally see that everything is coming together!

It's truly lovely to be an entrepreneur and see your babies (ideas and thoughts) become real! I have 3 companies and 5 jobs (inkluding the "job" as a mother of 3). Its fun, hysterical, challenging and crazy! But I wouldn't change it for anything - I feel so amazingly blessed to be able to work with the things I love the most. And I keep telleing everybody I know they should dare to do it to!
Sure, at times I worry about economy, about things that can go wrong, I tend to forget to eat lunch (and loose too much weight) but most of the time I feel full of energy and joy! But also, the downside, whenyou'r ill noone is covering up for you...and that is stressful. This is where my dog gives me time to be and not to think or do: he can't wait to go out for a walk. He makes me rethink and take a break. He forces me to enjoy the moment: a run through the snow, throwing sticks and snowballs, meeting other dogs and talking to strangers like they are long time friends (dogpeople are fantastic!).
My message is: if you tend to think or do 2 much: get a dog!


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