Mitch Joel is coming to Stockholm - Don't miss it!

The rules of Internet marketing keep on changing. If you don't evolve as well, your skills will quickly be outdated. Internet Marketing Conference (IMC) has been educating people in Internet marketing for nearly a decade. Not only has it been held several times in Stockholm, it has also been held in New York, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Montreal, Berlin, Barcelona, and several other cities around the world. And now: IMC returns to Stockholm this spring!

Dont miss out on this fantastic clip from one of Mitch Joels presentations, its totally a amazing story on the power of Internet and the way it brings the world together into one.  

IMC Stockholm 2009 - A Triple Threat

The conference this spring has a somewhat different setup compared to earlier conferences. May 27 is the date that will resemble previous IMC events the most.

Full Access Ticket: This ticket gives you full access to all three days of the program including workshops. Early Bird rate of 7,995 SEK until March 31.

May 26: An affiliate marketing conference held largely in Swedish. | Program | Register for 3,495 SEK |

May 27:
The main conference day held entirely in English. This is the international day for experts, by experts. | Program | Register for 4,995 SEK |

May 28:
Create your own workshop program. Pick the topics that interest you and pay by the workshop. Some are held in English, and some in Swedish. | Workshops (more information coming) | Prices start from 495 SEK per workshop | Register


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