The art of writing something worth reading

One of my favourite quotes is: "Either write something worth reading or do somehting worth writing about." (Benjamin Franklin)

The first question here is: do I really want to do something worth writing about considering the medialandscape today? Do I really want to be "out there" in someones eye to be validated on a single event or something someone else has chosen to write? Would you?

Doing something worth writing about is not to preffer. I think it's always better to do things that makes people happy in one way or another. Do things that makes people feel they got something more than just a service or an idea. It is truly challenging but I beleive that it is possible to do even though it takes a lot of work. And it also takes simple things: like saying "Thank You" when someone helps you out with something or "I am sorry" when you have to learn from your mistakes the hard way.

The second question is: do I really have the ability to write something worth reading and do I honestly have the energy to produce that every day? Or how often should I produce something valuable for the people reading the stuff I write and post here, on Twitter, on Facebook or somewhere else. The art of writing something worth reading should also be something that everyone who is writing about something should always care about - is this really something worth writing about? Will I hurt someone? Will I make someone happy? Am I being honest or cruel?

The art of writing something worth reading must be dependent on the value for the person who reads the writing. And how do we mesure that? Amount of retweets? Amount of blogreaders? Or the actual effect the words we write have on the people reading what we write? I beleive it is the effect. It doesnt really matter if you make a person happy, sad or angry as long as they feel something when they read what you write. It doesnt matter if you have an audience of 1 or 2 or 100 reading - the importance lays in the effect your words has on the people following you.

Did you make someone happy today?

Postat av: Elena

Håller med Benjamin. Kram!

2010-03-04 @ 14:16:04
Postat av: Kim

Jag med, det är därför jag gör som jag gör och lever som jag lär ;-)

2010-03-04 @ 15:38:04
Postat av: Karin

Häftig sida! Hur ofta brukar du uppdatera den?

2011-05-08 @ 13:04:38
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